A Closer Look at the HP2000 Semi APU

The hp2000 APU (auxiliary power unit) is one of the many APUs you will run into when in the market for such products. There are many renowned brands and all of them boast years of experience. However, the truth is that not all APUs have the capacity to meet all your requirements and there are several quality variations across the numerous models and designs.

Nonetheless, HP2000 has arguably remained the most dependable APU in the market. Coming from a reputable manufacturer who has provided 220px-HP2000_APU_on_Airport_Equipmentsolutions for airports and overseas military departments, this model was specifically designed for the transportation industry.

Here are some clear advantages the hp2000 apu boasts over competitors:
Solid construction that endures all conditions – The hp2000 apu is a solid design built to handle all kinds of extreme heat conditions and temperatures that drivers are exposed to on the road. This apu is modeled to prevent your engine from idling while at the same time securing all the benefits of idling. Since legislations have already been passed to fine those caught idling and taking stops to cool or heat their truck engines, it is only wise to choose a dependable apu that will keep you on the safe side when you need a break.

Cost effective – Essentially, apus are cost effective as they significantly reduce fuel consumption caused when the truck engine goes off. However, not all models result in the same output. In fact, some apus may keep your engines on but have little impact on fuel consumption. As a design produced for the transportation industry, it is modeled to ensure your engine consumes minimal fuel. It does not require extra gallons even when you take long breaks off the road using just .11 gallons per hour under a full load.
Easy maintenance – When purchasing apus, you will probably need to invest around $7,000 as the initial cost is high. After this, it is quite senseless to spend a lot of money in maintenance and prolonging longevity. Hp2000 apu is easy to maintain and has positive ratings for durability. They also have an extensive service network which is convenient and you do not need to go miles before running into one service station. The low maintenance requirements, extensive network and ultimate durability make it the most desirable apu in the market.

Comfortable – The hp2000 apu does not only endure extreme temperature conditions but also ensures you are comfortable when taking a short break. They are known to have low noise when compared to other models you will find. Some designs produce startling noises that can prevent you from resting and this is quite inconvenient when going on long-distant trips. This design is perfect for any trip and only produces low level noise that you can contend with.
There are many other minor advantages of choosing hp2000. It is a product from the most reputable manufacturer who has been producing such products for a decade long. It is high quality, durable, efficient, convenient and effective. What’s more, it is not as costly as others considering all the benefits you will reap. After purchase, you are set to enjoy long-term service as it has the fewest maintenance requirements.